Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Self Contained DMR Portable/Mobile Operation

Invariably, it is necessary to head out on a mobile trip in a hurry and piecing together a system for DMR operation in the West of Ireland and beyoned can be a nuisance. With this in mind it was decided to put together a "kit in a box" system for rapid deployment. 

A perfect sized case was procured from the ailing Maplin store which was just right for purpose. The unit needed to be self contained with its own power supply. As most of the items run on 5 volts it was easy enough to get a small 15 aH unit from Ebay. The easiest hotspot to run under the circumstances was was the SharkRF Openspot. A small Vodafone "pebble" mobile data WiFi was more than adequate for needs and also came in handy for use with the Android Tablet. 

Unfortunately the Openspot needs a direct Ethernet connection as opposed to the DVmega which operates direct from WiFi. The most practical way around the Ethernet problem was the use of the mobile router from TPLink, the TP-LINK TL-WR802N. It is an excellent solution. Any router will do but this one was small enough to fit in the box the box.

For good measure, a handheld fitted nicely into remaining space.

The Vodafone Pebble is perfect for use and seldom drops out unless in a totally obscure environment. Once out of the range of a Repeater or Gateway, it is easy enough to switch over to hotspot operation. 

This system has been used in conjunction with the UHF  Motorola DM4600 system on long journeys and has given consitent results throughout. As the infrastructure for DMR Radio is only in its infancy this is the ideal solution to Mobile operation where DMR Repeaters are few and far between.

Operation on Yaesu Fusion is possible and requires the tablet to switch the hotspot over the the Yaesu Fusion operating system. Always hand to have the mobile phone or tablet at hand to link into the Hotspot and review its parameters.

This system has proven  itself on many occasions and is a vital part of the outdoor pursuits.