Friday, November 9, 2018

Galway DMR Repeater Network Phase II and Phase III

Following the purchase of three Hytera  RD 985 Repeaters, it has been possible to establish a repeater in Galway City and to plan a network which will cover the County and spread into neighbouring Counties. With the help and assistance from the Shannon Basin Radio Club, we plan to establish a Repeater in the Roscommon area to provide additional coverage to the east of Galway and expand the network further afield.

Phase I

With the recent installation of the 70cms DMR Repeater and the 2 M Digital Gateway on the Western side of Galway City, Good coverage has been achieved throughout Galway City and a fair distance on the roads leading in and out of the City.

The coverage does actually conform well to the prediction map below.

Phase II

It is planned to replace the existing Analog Repeater, located at our site on Knockroe, Abbeyknockmoy with a Hytera RD 985 Repeater operating on both analog FM and DMR. This repeater has had very little use since it was installed but does saturate a huge area of Co. Galway. It has been reported that this repeater can be operated from the Galway side of the Raddison Blu Hotel, in Limerick, to Balla, Co. Mayo with a consistent signal. This is a major achievement for a UHF Repeater. The map below shows the predicted coverage from Abbeyknockmoy which will complement the Galway City Repeater

Phase III

Following a presentation covering Digital Radio, with a focus on DMR, the proposal to establish a Repeater in the Roscommon area was discussed. This would give operators in the Shannnon Basin Radio Club full access to the DMR network and expand our coverage area in the process. The predicted coverage of the Repeater from the proposed site is shown below.

Whilst there is overlap the coverage is extended further to the east which is very important. This will allow operators in the Roscommon to Ballinasloe area to operate into the DMR network.

It will be possible to implement a "Roaming " system allowing an operator to set up his transceiver to switch between Repeaters depending on the strength of the incoming signal. Some transceivers allow this type of operation. The alternative would be to set up a "Cluster" system where each repeater is linked together. 

The map below shows the results of combining the coverage of all three Repeaters.

All of this has been possible as a result of donations and from the running of a the IRTS weekend where we held a very successful Rally. This, and the fact that we were able to source the three Hytera RD 985 Repeaters for an excellent price, made it possible to pursue our ambition to get a network running in the West of Ireland. 

The Waterford area have two Repeaters and plan a third Repeater on air from Mount Leinster. They have excellent coverage and also a wide interest in DMR from their area. There are many operators in the Cork area and it will not be too long before the SIRN establishes a system closer to them. The ultimate area for the establishment of a DMR Repeater would be the Devil's Bit Mountain which has a terrific footprint.

We thank John Anderson MI0AAZ, Steve EI5DD, John EI8JA, Aengus EI4ABB, and The Shannon Basin Radio Club for their input and assistance with a proposal for their area. We also thank John Ronan EI7IG, the Sysop, of the Irish Brandmeister Network Server.

Further information and any assistance with DMR operation can be obtained from the Galway Digital Radio Group >> Click Here <<