About Us

The Galway VHF Group is a unique, dynamic and innovative Amateur Radio organisation, located in the West of Ireland. Our pursuits include, but are not limited to, operation in the Amateur Radio Emergency Network, Field Days, Radio Sport, Construction Projects, Data Transmission, Digital Voice Transmission which includes: Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Yaesu Fusion (C4FM), D-Star, and P25. Amateur Television, LF - SHF Communications and the Study of Radio Theory in General.

Clearly, it can be seen, from our blog-posts, that we are involved in many projects promoting and serving the wider Amateur Radio demographic. As a group, we are more than willing to share our knowledge and our doors are always open to new members. Whether having an interest in Radio, a Licenced Amateur Radio Operator or an individual with an interest in Electronics or Computers, all are welcomed to attend. 

The Galway VHF group holds two Club Callsigns which may be operated by non-licenced members, under supervision, during many of our activities and portable operations.

We run a course over 10 - 12 weeks covering the syllabus of the Radio Amateur's Examination for those wishing to obtain an Amateur Radio Licence. This course is also available on a CD.

Galway VHF Group meetings are held  on the first Monday of each month at 9 pm in the Ardilaun Hotel except in the case of a Bank Holiday.

The Galway VHF Group is affiliated to the 

Irish Radio Transmitters Society
Radio Society of Great Britain. 

For Further Information Contact  
Steve EI5DD  
 phone 087 2451218