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In 2008 Digital voice was in its infancy. Both the ADR 9000 modems and D-Star were devloped in 2004 and later released on the market. By 2008 D-Star had begun to spread across the States and was slowly gaining popularity in Europe. Free DV was an attempt to produce an open source system which would allow experimentation by radio amateurs. In years to come a company by the name of Rowenta developed a modem with many enhancements as a result of experimentation. The Video below shows the state of play in 2008.


The AirScout Story

23 Cm Aircraft Scatter QSO

Erecting a Clansman Mast single handed

Moving into the Digital era, a selection of videos which explain the workings of DMR, programing it for use and the Brandmeistre Server. Lastly a short video on the programming of the Motorola DM4600 - not as bad as it would appear on opening the CPS software. Finally Yaesu Fusion and the operation of the FTM-400 and not forgetting the use of Wires-X

DMR Radio How it Works

What is DMR?

Programming the TYT MD380 or MD390 

Programming the Radioddity GD-77

TYT MD380 operation

Using Brandmeister reflectors on DMR

DMR How to Activate the PTT Talk Group Feature

How to program a Motorola DM 4600

System Fusion An Introduction

 Setting up APRS on the FTM 400

 Sending Pictures on the FTM400

Group Monitor Function on the FTM 400

 Wires-x Function

Wires-X at the Node end

How To Tune a Duplexer

Using a Spectrum Analyser and Tracking Generator or VNA

TX Factor - Click here