Currently Operational

 Galway 70cms Repeater EI7AKR

Currently up and running - reports welcome to

Galway City APRS Digipeater - EI2GCP

This project is operational on 144.800 MHz and functioning well.

Projects - Work in Progress

Galway City Wires-X Gateway EI2SHD

This project is awaiting a HRi 200 Wires-X interface. The Transceiver will be a Yaesu FTM100 and there will be a remotely accessed work station computer running the software. Should be on the air by the end of Septembeer 2017 or at latest mid October 2017. This will be placed on 144.8125 MHz
Galway City Triple Mode Gateway - EI2GCD

Construction of this project has been completed. Consists of a Motorola GM 350 MMDVM board with aruino due stting an a Raspberry Pi 3+. Test to date show it working perfectly on both Transmit and receive on DMR and Yaesu Fusion. Awaiting confirmation that the D-Star side is functional. This will operate on 144.850 MHz. May be operational mid October 2017

A second system will be operating from Derrynogue Co. Mayo supplied by the Mayo VHF Group. Thier system will be almost the same except using a different tranceiver. Awaiting a replacement MMDVM board. It is hoped that this will become active mid October. The Callsign will be EI2DOD operating on 145.825 MHz.

Galway Echolink Gateway - EI4GCG

This project has been inoperable for sometime. It was on air but the internet connection was intermittent and it was suspected that the cable to the antenna had water ingress. Whilst the replacement Raspberry Pi is available and the new length of cable is also available nothing to report so far about the actual time that work will be carried out on this device.

APRS Digipeater - EI2AKP

This has been running since the repeater was placed on site at Abbeyknockmoy. To date there is little eveidence that it is forwarding information from mobiles. It would appear that it is insensitive and may be suffering from desnse from equipment on site. Further work needs to be carried out on this device.