Current Projects

Galway City Triple Mode Gateway - EI2GCD

This project is operational under test on 144.850 and functioning well. To be transferred to a high spot in the New Year.  Reports to date have been complimentary. A site has been negotiated. A commercial VHF dipole will be required to complete this project.
Status - On Air

Galway 70cms Analog Repeater - EI7AKR

This project has been operational since May 2017 and given trouble free service to date. Despite high winds and extremes of weather, the antenna system has stood up to it and no problems have been encountered.
Status - On Air

Galway City APRS Digi/I-Gate - EI2GCP

This project has given trouble free service since it was installed as one of our first projects to go on air. A transceiver was substituted last year. The antenna has endured some vicious storms and this project remains fully functional. EI2GCP transmits weather data in its beacon information.
Status - On Air

Galway City Wires-X Gateway EI2SHD

This project is awaiting a HRi200 Wires-X interface. The transceiver will be a Yeasu FTM 100 and there will be a remotely accessed work station running the software. EI5DD has been running a Wires-X node and testing the feasability of this project. To date, the results have been good. With more Fusion Systems coming on line, this will prove its worth as the network grows. This will go on air immediately after the equipment is received.
Status - Awaiting Delivery of Equipment E.D.D. March 2018

Galway City DMR Repeater EI7RHD  

A generous offer of a Hytera RD985 Repeater was made by John, MI0AAZ, and the price was just right. We await delivery of this Repeater which will, hopefully, be sometime in the New Year . A site has been negotiated. The antenna will be a 3 x 5/8 wave co-linear. We have low loss heliax. Most of the parts are purchased except for the items to hold the antenna in the air. These will not be a financial burden. There will be little time wasted pressing this equipment into service and will accompany the Multimode Gateway project on site. A site has been negotiated for this equipment.
Status - Awaiting Delivery of Equipment E.D.D March 2018

Galway Fusion Repeater

In a joint initiative with the G.R.E.C., it was decided that we would contribute towards this project. The proposed Fusion Repeater is a Yaesu DRX-1. This is a dual mode Repeater that auto-senses between C4FM and Analog modes. We are patiently awaiting delivery of this Repeater. It will probably be the New Year before it arrives. The Repeater will be located at Tonabrucky. It will be fitted with a HRi200 Wires-X system allowing it to be networked. This will be a marvelous opportunity to link with surrounding Counties. We have it on good authority that this will be placed on air as soon as possible after the equipment has been received. Naturally there will be a short period of setup and testing over a short period of time at ground level.
Status - Repeater Under Test in Salthill

Projects Off Air

Galway 4m Echolink Gateway - EI4GCG

This project is unlikely to go back on air.

 Off Air since February 2017

APRS Digipeater - EI2AKP

This project is unlikely to go back on air.

Off Air since  May 2017