Monday, March 26, 2018

Have You Tried the Worlwide Net on DMR TG 91 16:00 UTC Saturday Evenings?

The TalkGroup 91 Worldwide net takes place on TalkGroup 91 commencing at 16:00 UTC on Saturday evenings. The net commences with call-ins from the Far East and working across the continents in a westerly  direction where the last call-ins are taken from the individual States of America.

This is a great opportunity to access the activity on DMR and also to note the countries that call into the net. Naturally, the amount of call-ins from some areas will coincide with the early hours of the morning but sometimes it can be surprising that even these countries will input the the net despite the early hours in their location. 

The net controller will request the countries that he wishes to call in. The station will then give the following reply Call sign ...... , Name ...... , QTH ........ and finally the words "No Traffic" if there is no emergency or information for the net. Do not try to enter into a QSO as this is just for check-ins from each country.

When the net is finished,  the Net controller will correlate all the calls and place the table on the website at usually by 10pm at the latest. The chart below is the typical summary of the net held on Saturday afternoons.

As illustrated, there are a wealth of participants on this Net and a good indication of interest and support around the world. Well worth a try and also an opportunity to put your area on the map.