Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Galway County 70cm Repeater EI7AKR

The Galway 70cm Repeater, EI7AKR, located at Knockroe, Abbeyknockmoy, continues to give an excellent service and coverage throughout county Galway and into adjacent counties. All of the roads leading in and out of Galway have a good strong signal from this repeater and it is possible to drive from just outside of Limerick through to Claremorris Co. Mayo with a strong signal for the majority of the journey.

Like all of the repeaters around the country, this does not seem to be very busy and if not used, there will be fewer monitoring the output. It would seem a shame that one almost has to make a phone call to another operator to get a contact on this Repeater, but, sadly this is the state of play nowadays. 

If you have equipment in the car take time to listen on 430.825 and transmit on 438.425 (+7.6 MHz)  CTCSS tones of 77 Hz are required to access the repeater. The repeater does also transmit 77 Hz CTCSS tones which will ensure that you receive no interference on channel when the repeater is not transmitting.

Do spare a thought for this repeater as it has huge potential and is just standing by for use