Friday, November 16, 2018

Galway Digital Net

The Galway Digital Net, held on Monday evenings at 8:30pm, is an ideal way to allow both DMR and Fusion Operators to operate on one Net via the Bridging systems currently in place. 

DMR users can access using TG 2724, Yaesu Fusion Operators can link into the CQ-IRELAND Room (Node 41411), those using the DVmega or Shark RF OpenSpot can access via YSF-IRL. These are all linked together via Bridges. It is possible to link in via Echolink node 883269 or MI0AAZ-L this will cater for Analog users. 

From a Galway point of entry the following can be used. 

Galway DMR Repeater EI7RHD I/P 430.450 MHz O/P 439.450 MHz

TG2724 on Slot 2

Galway Multi mode Digital Gateway EI2GCD on 144.850 MHz

This Gateway defaults to YSF-IRL just transmit a Fusion signal in

Galway Wires-X Gateway EI2SHD on 144.8125 MHz

Press the X button to connect. The Gateway defaults to CQ-IRELAND this will appear on the transceiver's display.

The Galway Fusion Repeater I/P 145.025 MHz O/P 145.625 MHz

The Galway Fusion Repeater is, by default, linked into the CQ-IRELAND Node.

It is important to leave a three (3) second Gap between overs to allow the network components to reset. so "PLEASE MIND THE GAP". If this is not observed chaos will ultimately occur as the network drops overs and only parts of the conversation come through.

Secondly, Set Time-out timers to 180 secs (3mins) as network components all time-out after 3 mins and the rest of the over will be lost. 

This net facilitates great opportunity to ask questions about the network and its direction. An opportunity, also, to test the resources available and include all members of the digital fraternity on one system.

Here is the dashboard of the Gateway showing the call-ins on Monday the 18th of November 2018

A good turnout on this occasion.