Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Kinvara Rock and Road Marathon

The Galway VHF Group provided communications for the Kinvara Rock and Road Marathon. EI1EM John, EI8DRB Gerry followed the Full and Half Marathons with Net control on the fly - EI5DD Steve. There was a link to the Order of Malta Ambulance Service via Net Control. The terrain was perfect for VHF operation and our C4FM equipment which worked very well. No incidents or injuries occurred despite the heavy rain in the earlier part of the Day. 

There was plenty of opportunity to check out the Digital Projects in Galway and also an opportunity to work Joe on Croagh Patrick, and Phil in the Sligo direction on 70cms. The equipment worked well and it was comforting to know that the projects on high ground continue to provide excellent coverage. 

The APRS tracks for the day. I include these because a certain organisation, beginning with "A", for some reason, doesn't believe I can use this system! Here is proof! The tracks south of Galway Bay are the Full and Half Marathon courses - anything north is us going home. It would appear that John decided to go for the more sophisticated route home by helicopter judging by the green track.