Monday, May 13, 2019

Phase III & Phase IV of the Galway DMR Network Proposal Updated

Recent discussions have taken place regarding the placement of Repeaters to complete the Galway Digital Network. Each of these Repeaters will be running DMR only.

Proposals put to the three Radio Amateurs, involved in the Wireless Internet business, have been productive and greeted with enthusiasm and acclamation. Kind offers of feeder and antenna systems have also been made which will speed up the process.

We await the final Software and firmware upgrades for the Hytera RD 985 Repeaters and also the licensing process to issue. We should have all in place as soon as possible. Minimal bench testing is required to get this system running as the initial programming has already been completed.

Assuming all four Repeaters are installed and running, as anticipated, the following maps reveal the probable coverage for the entirety of Co. Galway and neighbouring Counties such as Mayo, Roscommon, Clare and even touching into areas further afield.

See the coverage maps below:

The locations L - R  -- Inishbofin Island, Galway City, Abbeyknockmoy and Loughrea all situated in Co. Galway.

The illuminated satellite map below shows the coverage with a little more clarity

By implementing Roaming facilities, there would be almost seamless coverage of the County and surrounding areas. All that is required is adjacent areas to place something on the air to cover the South, East and North.

Overlapping coverage from other Repeaters adjacent to the Galway coverage areas would complete the picture. An Example would be the Repeater located on Mount Leinster which would give coverage of the South East and one could roam from Galway coverage into the Southern coverage through this system.

Factoring Mount Leinster's Digital Repeater into the Galway coverages, the net result is shown below

There are supposed to be Repeaters covering Cavan, Dublin and Drogheda that would also complete the picture. Sadly neither Cork, Kerry or Limerick have any interest in setting up a system at present.

Interesting times ahead! Watch this space for updates.