Monday, June 17, 2019

Galway DMR Network

Work is almost complete on the equipment for the Galway DMR Repeater network. The Antennas should arrive shortly and the Software License upgrades will complete the outstanding work. The Licenses are in the process of approval from ComReg and once the paperwork is through we will be ready to place the equipment on site.

Hytera RD985D repeaters will be installed at each site with battery backup in the event of power outage. The Repeaters will be connected into the Brandmeister Ireland Network.

Brandmeister_EI Network map

Inishbofin Island - EJ7IBD
Frequency   430.475 IP  :  439.475 OP            Power 40 Watts     Colour code 1

Antenna  CDF450-ARRAY –    Directional   4 Stack   7.5 dBd  Down Tilt Standard

Abbeyknockmoy - EI7AKR

Frequency   430.825 OP  :  438.425 IP           Power 40 Watts     Colour Code 1

Antenna CDF450-ARRAY  - Omni-directional  4 Stack  6.5 dBd  Down Tilt Standard

Galway City - EI7RHD

Frequency   430.450 IP  :  439.450 OP          Power 40 Watts      Colour Code  1

Antenna Omni-directional 4 x 5/8 colinear  9 dBd

Loughrea - EI7LRD

Frequency   430.500 IP  :  439.500 OP         Power 40 Watts       Colour Code 1

Antenna CDF450-ARRAY  - Omni-directional  4 Stack  6.5 dBd  Down Tilt Standard

Roaming facilities on the Galway Digital Network will be possible.

Each Repeater will have TG 2722, TG2723 and TG 2724 set as Static Talk Groups on Time Slot  2.

Time Slot 1 is used for International Calling & TG9 Local

Time Slot 2 is used for Local EI, GI and UK talkgroups and for general chat & TG9 Local

On Time Slot 1 or Time Slot 2, TG 9 will enable calls to be made via the Repeater but not routed through the network. Two separate QSOs can take place simultaneously on the DMR Repeater. In fact, whilst Time Slot 1 is active for International  contacts, local UK and Irish contacts can take place on Time Slot 2 at the same time.

The Multi-mode Digital Gateway is situated at the Galway City site operating on 144.850 MHz. This unit operates on Time Slot 2 only. It is currently running on DMR, D-Star and Fusion. P25 and NXDN could be set up at some future date.

Finally, we acknowledge the assistance from Rory McGuirk, Radio Security Products,  for  securing the Firmware Upgrade and Licenses for the Hyterea Repeaters and taking the time to talk us through the upgrade process. Radio Security Products are main dealers for Hytera Equipment.

Free downloadable Data Card on the Galway Digital Radio Group Facebook Page in the files section.