Sunday, October 14, 2018

EI2SHD Wires-X Gateway

The Galway City Wires-X Gateway EI2SHD is now operational on a full time basis, using the frequency of 144.8125 MHz. The gateway was bench tested for several weeks to ensure that there were no software or hardware issues..

The Wires-X Gateway is made up of a Yaesu FTM100 Tranceiver, a HRI 200 Wires-X Modem, and a Wyse Thin Client Controller which is a Operating System with only the Wires-X program and a virus checker installed there-on. 

The Wyse Thin Client is approximately 8"x8"x1.5" and has 2 USB ports, a Video Port and Ethernet Port. A small flash Drive contains the operating system and the Wires-X program. This really is a better alternative to hanging up a Laptop or Desktop computer. This perfect for the task and the whole system does not occupy too much room.

Setting up the system is not complex. Firstly, the HRI200 has to be registered with Yaesu to obtain a User and Room ID. Once this has been obtained, loading the software and and set up is almost automatic after the Room and User I/D has been entered. All of the information seems to be downloaded from Yaesu as part of the installation process. Any other settings can be added as required. The Transceiver is programmed via the modem as in the frequency bandwidth and power levels.

It is necessary to set the port forwarding in the router and ensure that the Firewall allows the program to connect to the outside world. Once this is in place it is possible to communicate with the outside world. If there are any headaches, it is during the setting up of the Router and ensuring that the Firewall is allowing the program to communicate. 

Access to the programming is via the program Tight VNC, having established the IP address of the system. Once the system is up and running the following Screen will appear.

This is the console of the Wires-X system and from here a permanent link can be established another system such as CQ-IRL where many other systems may also be added. All functions of the Wires-X  Node are controlled from this location.   In the ideal world all systems in Ireland would link to CQ-IRL. Anyone linking to CQ IRL would be able to come out on all systems linked into CQ-IRL. The small blocks in the purple box are Nodes Connected into the CQ-UK system. If one transmits into this node all of the stations in that box will hear the activity. Unfortunately this is not the case in Ireland as only the Galway systems seem willing to network.

Should any power outage occur, the system will automatically boot up into the saved settings. It just remains to install the most recent version of the Wires-X software once it has proven itself to be stable.

As Galway has a 50/50 number operating DMR and Fusion it is possible to use a bi-directional bridge set up by John MI0AAZ, between TG2724 on DMR to CQ-IRL. The Local Fusion Repeater is also connected to CQ-Ireland so it should be beneficial to all of the Amateur Community. There will also be an Allstar bridge connected to CQ-Ireland which will facilitate cross connection from Teamspeak 3 internet Radio on the Worldhub.

In conclusion, the facilities planned for Galway are finally bearing fruit and this will hopefully bring some real activity to the City if everyone makes the effort to operate their equipment. If they don't, the facilities available will allow those who are active to connect to users in other countries where there may be greater numbers on the air.

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