Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Galway VHF Projects to go Live November 4th

Following rigorous bench testing, the Galway VHF Group Digital projects will be going live from their new site on the Western side of Galway City this weekend (4th November). The 70cm DMR repeater, EI7RHD, operates on 439.450 MHz O/P and 430.450 MHz I/P with a power output of 30 watts into a 9dB Gain Colinear antenna. The Multi mode Digital Gateway, EI2GCD, will initially run DMR and Yaesu Fusion on 144.850 MHz running 20 watts into a dipole antenna. There are facilities to add more digital modes such as D-Star and P25 should the need arise. The Galway Wires-X gateway, EI2SHD, operates on 144.8125 MHz and is operational from the Salthill area running 20 watts. This will facilitate experimentation with Wires-X networking in conjunction with the Galway Fusion Repeater EI2TBR. The operators in Galway would welcome any activity through the projects and would also welcome any reports to 

More details will follow :