Monday, August 5, 2019

Galway Multimode Digital Repeater

The Galway Digital Radio Group was recently offered a Tait UHF Repeater converted to run Digital Modes using a Pi-Star Repeater Controller. The Repeater will  be substituted for the current DMR system using the call sign, EI7RHD, which covers Galway City thereby freeing up a DMR repeater for relocation to a fifth site or as a replacement if required on one of the existing sites should the need arise. 

The Repeater chassis holds two Tait Radios, one for transmit and the other for receive, a Repeater Control unit and an on-board power supply. There is room to house the Duplex Filters. This will fit snugly into the 19 inch rack system currently in use. In addition, there will be an external Raspberry Pi Controller and MMDVM board connected to the Internet. The system has an efficient cooling system to ensure longevity of the transmit P.A and also the power supply.
The Tait Repeater is capable of running 30 watts output on C4FM, D-Star, Slot 1 & 2 DMR, P25 and NXDN. For local purposes the Repeater will run Slot 1 & 2 DMR, C4FM and D-Star. P25 and/or NXDN may be added for experimental purposes if reasonable demand should be evident. The system will act as a Repeater as well as a gateway for all modes

The Fusion system on the Pi-Star behaves in a similar way to the Yaesu Wires-X system accessing with a press of the DX button. The D-Star system will operate as any other D-Star system with all D-Star Reflector systems accessible. DMR will be set up with Time Slot 1 for International use and TG 9 Local operation with Time Slot 2 for Local and UK as well as TG 9 Local operation in keeping with our Hytera systems.

This system, in addition to the Galway Fusion Repeater, the 2 metre Multi mode Gateway and the Galway Wires-X Gateway will ensure that those with C4FM equipment will have plenty of choice and those with D-Star will also be able to link into the system using Repeater or Gateway.

This system will be pressed into service as soon as the Galway Digital Radio Group receive the unit and will not result in any loss of service.