Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New IRELAND Room Established on Peanut

Following a request by Steve, EI5DD and John, MI0AAZ, an Ireland Room has been established on Peanut, an App written by PA7LIM. There are no other Reflectors, Repeaters, or Gateways linked to this room so activity is exclusive to this room rather than being re-transmitted on multiple RF breakout systems. As always the time from suggestion to getting this system set up was minimal being less than a week - we don't hang around we get things done!

TM7 Internet Radio users will find this a great opportunity and benefit alongside those using Android or Windows Operating Systems. 

Further down the road, it is planned to set up an XLX reflector accessible by D-Star linked to Peanut and also into Talk Group 2724 effectively linking D-Star to DMR and Peanut.